GHI was founded as a volunteer organization.  With only a $5000 initial grant, GHI embarked on a journey of community service and volunteerism.  Supported by an array of state and national volunteer organizations, GHI has become known as an innovative volunteer organization.

GHI truly believes that everybody has a gift and a strength to share and GHI is determined to empower others to share their potential.  GHI lives the philosophy “many hands make light work.”  By creating and developing positive partnerships, community involvement and economic achievement slowly emerge.  The members of GHI wish to share their knowledge and creativity with other organizations;  both those aspiring as well as those long entrenched within their respective communities.

GHI offers volunteer management workshops and development seminars for communities and organizations.
Please contact us for more information: info@growinghopeinitiative.org

GHI firmly believes the essence of community development is to engage these communities and neighborhoods to take action from within, and to empower residents to move from social dependency to self-sufficiency.

As an organization GHI realizes the necessity to adapt, thereby encouraging and strengthening the uniqueness of every community.  There simply is no one approach for lasting community engagement, so GHI uses a multifaceted approach to engage and approach even the most unlikely community members. The ability for a community and its residents to be self-sufficient and sustainable is by creating partnerships and installing an awareness of “neighboring” within the community.


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