Volunteer Opportunities

VMI students work at the grove during their spring break


As with any non-profit organization, Grimal Grove depends on volunteers to keep it running.  We have physical and administrative opportunities; so, even if you can only support the Grove from afar, you can stay involved through volunteering.

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer at Grimal Grove and, by looking at what we offer below, you should find something to meet your time and abilities.  Please contact us at GrimalGrove.volunteers@gmail.com to let us know what you are interested in doing to help out the Grove.

students from Grace Lutheran school in Key West learn how to make chocolate



Staffing the storefront: open 10a-4p Thursday – Sunday.  Sell vegetables, fruit, and trees. Maintain inventories.  Keep the store neat and pleasant.

Landscape maintenance: entails mowing, weeding, mulching, and tool maintenance

Herb and vegetable garden work: consists of starting seedlings or directly sowing seeds, weeding and watering the two gardens, tending to the gardens, harvesting

Composting: taking donated materials for composting and adding them to the large bin, adding brown material, assuring proper temperature and carbon/nitrogen ratios, distributing compost in the grove

Nursery and propagation: weeding, watering, repotting, assessing, treating, fertilizing, and documenting progress of all plants on the sales floor at the store, in the nursery behind the sales area, and at the private nursery at the grove.  Also includes propagation of new plants from existing trees at the grove. Must work with a Master Gardener.

Tree maintenance: planting new and established trees, assessing trees already planted, irrigation, tree documentation, and harvesting of fruit.  Must work with Master Gardener.

Bill Chalmers harvesting red bananas
Bill Chalmers harvesting red bananas


Offsite Exhibit Booths: Prepare for the sale in advance of the event.  Determine what will be sold and assure a proper inventory of all sales items.  Take items for the booth and set up the booth.  Sell items and provide information about the grove at the exhibit.  Bring all unsold items back and rectify against inventories.

Events at the Grove: Provide help for events at the grove, typically the day or night of the event only unless it is a big event that needs planning with all staff.  Typical duties include bartending, parking, greeting, set up, clean up, and merchandise sales.

Administrative Work:  These jobs can be done from remote locations and require periods of intense activity followed by periods of minimal to no activity.  You work with the board and with event managers.  The three main administrative activities are Managing the Membership list, Managing the Volunteer lis, and Managing the website and Facebook.







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