The mission of the Growing Hope Initiative is to build, engage, and transform sustainable communities for the 21st Century.

Breaking The Cycle of Dependence

The Growing Hope Initiative’s (GHI) goals are to unite and transform communities within South Florida through sustainable agriculture, community development, as well as through art, film and music. GHI’s efforts specifically focus on empowering marginalized populations to achieve self-sufficiency by connecting them to healthy and affordable food, micro-entrepreneurial jobs, employment opportunities through educational initiatives, service learning projects, cultural inclusion, tourism, and the arts.


The GHI’s vision grew out of its founders disparate concerns and passionate hope for the environment, social welfare, education, and the arts. By creatively addressing these four areas of concern at the same time, GHI has shown that an integrative approach can yield greater results than an approach that addresses these areas in isolation. GHI envisions the environment as both the means for addressing social welfare, education, and the arts, as well as an end in itself, which can in turn be promoted through education, the arts, and social mobility.

Growing Hope Initiative