Grimal Grove is owned by Patrick Garvey. Mr. Garvey  had the vision 6 years ago to restore the property and research the legend of Adolf Grimal. Against all odds, he began to transform the grove into a community resource. Growing Hope Initiative is a local non profit that works in partnership, so the grove can be fully expressed as the community resource.

The Grimal Grove proves to be the ideal location to address and enhance Growing Hope’s four key issues:

Environmental health
Artistic development
Community welfare


GHI’s mission for the Grimal Grove is to revitalize and showcase the history and landscape architecture that made the Grimal Grove a natural wonder of the Florida Keys and to offer the community a truly unique edible park, community arts and education center, and epicenter for self sufficiency in the Florida Keys.


Grimal Grove will act as a catalyst for environmental and agricultural innovation, community engagement, voluntourism and entrepreneurship. The Grimal Grove is more than a destination for tropical fruit enthusiasts. It is a resource for the community including under-served marginalized populations and will strengthen the Florida Keys community.

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